Looking for Pharmaceutical Packaging Designing?

What goes in a pharma packaging designing?

Although any packaging design is executed keeping the user’s intent to purchase as the top priority. But when it comes to pharmaceutical packaging designing, there is a lot more to go in. Certain elements need consideration before the final execution of the design. Some of these are the brand name, the generic name, ingredients or the composition along with the strength of each ingredient, details of the manufacturer and the marketer, batch number, shelf-life, Maximum Retail Price (MRP), caution and precautions. Some medicines may even showcase the indication and the method of use or application, as the case may be.

The purpose of medicine is to heal and hence pharmaceutical packaging should reflect this healing. Besides an elegant design, a pharmaceutical packaging design should have enough space to include the necessary information mentioned above.

And all this information is essential and hence needs to be legible. Shelves in a pharmacy have multiple medicines belonging to diverse companies. Your company’s medicine can be easily spotted at a pharmacy or chemist store only if it has a unique design. Therefore, the target of the design should be centred towards convenience more than the final consumer attraction. This stands true in tablets, capsules, and injectable carton packing where the final consumer or the patient only gets to see the tablets or capsule strips.


Pharmaceutical Packaging design
Pharmaceutical Packaging design

Pharmaceutical packaging design
Pharma packaging design

How does pharmaceutical packaging design differ from designing of OTC products?

When speaking of syrups and multivitamins or Over The Counter (OTC) formulations or cosmetics or nutraceuticals, the design has to be executed with an entirely different perspective.

In these cases, the user must get a hunch from the packaging regarding the indication, i.e., the purpose of the medicine. This is because the consumer buys the pack and gets to see the same at every use. A consumer may buy only a strip of tablets or capsules, but the OTC products, syrups and supplements are bought as whole packs. And this is where we change our designing pen.

At Aadya Enterprises, we have quite a good hold on pharmaceutical packaging designing since it is the major niche we have been working on for years. Besides, our medical team makes sure that all the information mentioned is correct and that the guidelines for pharmaceutical packaging as laid down by the government are followed while the design stands out of the crowd and can be spotted easily.

3D powder render shilajeet 3D cosmetic

Let alone packaging design attracts the user to buy it. Attractive packaging can target the right audience by catching their attention.

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