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Hello dear readers! Whether you are a graphic arts designer or aboard the pharmaceutical product management team, this post can help you get an insight into important key elements of a pharma visual aid design. 

The designers and the marketing team often ignore a few important things while designing a pharma visual aid. And this is where they lose the potential of a brand. Using these elements effectively is the key to a successful brand.

The most important thing in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical sector is undoubtedly the effectiveness of the product. It should be efficacious and prove beneficial for specific indications.

However, the doctors need a communication link that can keep them updated with the latest research on several pharmaceutical salts. Research has to reach the doctor through a reliable source. This is what a pharmaceutical VA does. 

Coming to the details.

What is a pharma visual aid?

A Pharma Visual Aid is an Illustrative tool used to detail a Pharmaceutical Product information to a Doctor or Medical Practitioner in well conceptually designed artwork. They are the communicating links between the companies that manufacture or market the pharmaceutical products under their brand identity and the prescribers.

What are the components of a pharma visual aid (VA)?

There are 6 basic key elements one should focus on while designing Pharma visual aid

pharma visual aid design

1. The Brand Name

Brand name is simply the name given by a company to a particular Pharmaceutical salt or combination of salts, used to promote under its own identity. As it is the main key component, it should be well designed and highlighted the most above all. It is crucial to have the brand name copyrighted before using it as a brand name to avoid conflict with any other copyrighted brand in future.

2. Salt or Drug name

This is again an important part of Pharma Visual Aid designing, and should be accurately mentioned along with weight or volume as per the manufactured product. The product may have a single salt or contain multiple salts and other ingredients.

3. Conceptual Art

To promote the brand we use a depiction of its benefits, effects and use with the help of images or artwork. This is also a very important and key element as it helps in getting attention to the usefulness of the brand. Ideally, royalty paid images should be used to avoid any future disputes.

4. Punch Line or copywriting

Copywriting or Punch Line are no doubt the most effective ways of marketing from ancient times. A good copy alone does all the marketing work and leaves an everlasting impression on the consumer’s mind. Copywriting should also be well blended with the artwork so it is easy for the doctor to recall while prescribing. 

5. Medical Content

It is the backbone of any Pharma visual Aid design, Whatever we claimed about the brand should be backed by medical and clinical references. Medical content generally contains information like benefits, effects, comparison and graphs etc. about the salts incorporated in our brand and should be visible along with references. 

For instance, all the doctors know Pantoprazole, Omeprazole, and Rabeprazole all belong to the same class of Proton Pump Inhibitors. But, which salt will work better on an individual patient will be based on patient-specific factors like the time of the day when the patient experiences the most acid reflux or the duration for which the effect is desired, etc.

And sometimes, in accordance with the interactions, it may have with any other medication the patient may currently be taking. Each patient’s prescription is individualized as per the specific needs.

A pharmaceutical visual aid with the latest medical information backed by medical references can give reliable evidence to the doctor for prescribing it for the patient’s benefit.

6. Indications

Clinical indications are an application of the brand in various disorders or its preventions. Various clinical trials and studies are conducted while its development is being made and these studies suggest its usage. Indications should be effectively highlighted and well visible as this will get the required prescription from the doctor for the brand.

Sometimes the dosage of the brand is also mentioned, but it is not mandatory.

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